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Startups Launched Here!

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Read the story of TrepHub, how we started as a small group in a downtown coffee shop and how we've grown to what we are now.

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What is TrepHub?
TrepHub is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the technology and entrepreneur community in Melbourne, Florida.
Our Mission
Our mission is to help build and grow the technology startup ecosystem on the Space Coast.
Our Ways
We put our efforts in fostering community events, providing infrastructure, and promoting education.
Startup Weekend Space Coast 2014

Risk Reduction For Startups

TrepHub is a non-profit community of technology entrepreneurs who banded together to share market information, business techniques and technological knowhow. Together the group has been able to give its members the horsepower normally associated with larger established firms.

Independence Has Its Advantages

TrepHub benefits from being a non-profit run by and for the entrepreneur. We strive to provide as much information about the entire range of options available to a new company. Small mistakes avoided early can lead to bigger success in the future.

Convenient Meeting Spaces

Are you an entrepreneurial or tech support meet up and you need someplace to hold your next gathering or event? Come check out the hub! We have a conference room, meeting room, and larger multi-purpose workspace that can support your tech or startup related event.

We serve the coders, hackers, and founders of Melbourne, FL.

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About Us

Google+ TrepHub is a Florida Non-Profit which aspires to be The Hub of the tech entrepreneurial community in the Space Coast. In order to achieve that, TrepHub is a tech startup incubator/co-working space, community event space and a connection to tech, venture and mentor capital, located in historic downtown Melbourne, FL.
We occupy about 2800 square feet of office space right in the heart of the historic downtown district. Within walking distance from the space are a wide variety of restaurants and shopping options.
Inside TrepHub is a modern collaborative workspace. There is a central open workspace with portable desks, glass board walls for dry erase collaboration sessions and rolling whiteboards. Teams reconfigure this space to support their project collaboration and development needs. We also have a conference room and meeting room that can be scheduled for team, customer, and investor meetings.

What We Offer

  • Expertise

    The key to TrepHub’s success is its diverse experience base. Members with varied industry experience regularly meet at TrepHub social or training events and share information.
  • Community Support

    Members are encouraged to share their area of technical expertise for the benefit of others. Often those who contribute to the TrepHub community find that the interchange opens new doors for their growing business or clears product development roadblocks.
  • Membership

    Membership to TrepHub means a few things. You are part of a program, get access to the events, space, meeting rooms, and more. It also means that you believe in supporting startups and helping to build a vibrant tech community.

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